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Toyota Touch Detailing

Remember that adrenaline rush you felt as you drove your new vehicle home for the very first time? Your car or truck is likely the biggest investment you will make next to your home. Sadly, daily wear and tear, the effects of all weather conditions and road residue such as sand and salt can cause any vehicle's value and cosmetic condition to decline rapidly.

Let us and the TOYOTA TOUCH help maintain that new, pampered look while helping to protect your investment. Taking advantage of the TOYOTA TOUCH two or three times a year will enhance your vehicle's overall appearance and protect it all year round, giving you piece of mind while increasing and protecting your resale value.

Car $69.95 Truck/Van/SUV $79.95

  • Detailed interior cleaning including vacuuming of seats, carpets & floor mats, plus cleaning of glass & instrument panels
  • Deodorization of the passenger compartment
  • Detailed inspection of the vehicle interior and exterior

Car $149.95 Truck/Van/SUV $179.95 (includes all of the deluxe items)

  • Power washing of wheels, inner fender & undercarriage
  • Vacuuming of trunk
  • Shampooing of floor mats & spot shampooing stains
  • Two-step paint restoration process to eliminate minor paint imperfections & restore factory paint finish luster. Includes machine polishing and paint finish sealant
  • Treatment of interior & exterior rubber & vinyl trim
  • Lubrication of locks and hinges


Car $239.95 Truck/Van/SUV $279.95 (includes all Deluxe and Premium items)

  • Shampooing & de-greasing of engine compartment & lower body
  • Three-step paint restoration process to eliminate minor paint imperfections & restore factory paint finish luster. Includes environmental residue removal
  • Complete interior shampoo of fabric seats, carpets, mats & door panels

Our customized services and affordable prices are what set us apart from the rest. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Our detailer's are dedicated to providing the highest quality detail to our valued guests. We strive for perfection and we look forward to hearing from you.

We offer a wide range of protection packages, click the following for more details.

Paint Protection
Rust Protection
Sound Shield
Leather & Vinyl Protection
Fabric Protection

Each is designed with your vehicle in mind, they help protect against mother nature, spills and accidents inside your vehicle.

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