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Tacoma TRD Lift Kit

 TRD Lift Kit - 3rd Gen Tacoma (2018 - 2023)

The Tacoma TRD Lift Kit is an OEM suspension modification package designed specifically for Toyota Tacoma trucks, particularly those equipped with the TRD (Toyota Racing Development) off-road package. This lift kit is intended to enhance the vehicle's off-road capabilities and provide a more aggressive and commanding presence on the road.

This lift kit is only Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) compliant lift kit on the market. Better yet, when installed by a certified Toyota Technician the kit does not effect your Tacoma's manufacturer warranty.

Tacoma TRD Lift Kit showing the tacoma truck, and associated suspension componentsThe lift kit and what it includes

  1. Includes unique Heritage TOYOTA grille with blacked out logo.
  2. Millimeter-wave sensor designed to precisely fit within the grille to retain the functionality of the TSS system
  3. Larger diameter front & rear TRD Mono-tube shocks (2" front lift and 1" rear lift) engineered by Toyota Racing Development in partnership with Bilstein
  4. Bespoke TRD Cast Iron Rear Leaf Spring Spacer designed to withstand aggressive off-road usage
  5. Improved approach angle, break-over angles, and departure angles compared to baseline vehicle
  6. Meets Toyota Genuine Accessory quality, durability, and
    reliability standards

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What are the benefits

By increasing the ride height, the Tacoma TRD Lift Kit offers several benefits for off-road enthusiasts. It allows for greater ground clearance, which helps to navigate over rough and uneven terrain, including rocks, logs, and deep ruts. The increased clearance also reduces the risk of underbody damage and provides additional space for fitting larger tires, enabling improved traction and better performance on challenging surfaces.

Moreover, the lift kit enhances the Tacoma's approach and departure angles, enabling it to conquer steeper inclines and descents without scraping the front or rear bumper. This is particularly beneficial when tackling obstacles or traversing off-road trails.

It is worth noting that the Tacoma TRD Lift Kit is designed and engineered to work in harmony with the vehicle's existing suspension and drivetrain components. This ensures proper alignment, handling, and stability while maintaining the original manufacturer's warranty. While you can DIY install this kit, we reccomend you to have the lift kit professionally installed by one of our Master Toyota Technicians to ensure optimal performance and safety.