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Tundra TRD Lift Kit

Elevate Your Tundra with the 3” TRD Lift Kit

Welcome to the next level of Tundra performance. The redesigned Toyota Tundra is already a powerhouse, but with the 3” TRD Lift Kit, you can take it to new heights – quite literally. Make your mark on and off the road with a truck that's bigger, bolder, and even more capable. Don't need to read more? Order your Tundra's suspension upgrade now.

Unleash the Power

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) engineers have outdone themselves with this world-class lift kit. Designed to not only make your Tundra look impressive but also enhance its performance, this kit is engineered to perfection.

Toyota referencesa conversation with  Mikhal el Arculli, TRD Senior Development Engineer, and Jakin Wilson, TRD Development Engineering Manager, to delve deeper into what makes this lift kit a game-changer for TRD enthusiasts.

Toyota Tundra with TRD Lift Kit upgrade

No Compromises, Only Performance

Mikhal emphasizes the absence of compromises with this lift kit. Unlike aftermarket options, the 3” TRD Lift Kit ensures that your Tundra maintains its original driving dynamics even at the lifted height. Say goodbye to the feeling of a tall truck with a high center of gravity – this kit is engineered for optimal performance on and off the road.

Performance Redefined

The benefits of the 3” TRD Lift Kit extend beyond aesthetics. With increased approach, departure, and breakover angles, your Tundra gains the capability to conquer the toughest terrains. Plus, the kit allows for the use of larger-diameter tires, enabling you to customize your Tundra's performance to suit your preferences.

Crafted for Excellence

Quality and safety are non-negotiables for Toyota, and the 3” TRD Lift Kit is no exception. Rigorously tested to meet Toyota's standards, this kit is the only one validated to be compatible with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS). From computer simulations to crash tests, every aspect of the kit has been meticulously scrutinized to ensure compliance and performance.

The Ultimate Upgrade

Transform your Tundra into a powerhouse performer with the 3” TRD Lift Kit. Whether you're navigating city streets or off-road trails, this kit elevates your driving experience to new heights.

Available Now

Ready to elevate your ride? The 3” TRD Lift Kit will be available starting October 2022 at your local Toyota dealer. Don't miss your chance to dominate the terrain with the ultimate Tundra upgrade.

*Disclaimer: Toyota recommends the use of OEM wheels and tires. Tires larger than 285/65R20 may cause rubbing/contact to surrounding parts. The Toyota TRD Lift Kit is designed to be used with OEM wheels and tire sizes. Tires and wheel combinations larger than OEM sizes may void the vehicle's warranty. Please check with Dealer for additional details.*

Experience the power of TRD. Elevate your Tundra today.

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