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I live in Langley and I went all the way (a flight from YVR to YBL) to get my car from this branch. Was it worth the 500 kilometers trip (in total)? My answer is "Absolutely, I will do it again". But why? Here is my story: I needed a car really fast, I had to get it and I had only 12 days to find the right one. I went to almost 10 dealerships (just to give you some perspective, average customer goes to 1.5 dealerships and then buys). My preference was either a Toyota Camry or a Honda Accord. One of my experiences with them was that they ask you to come in and see what they can do for you. It is their technique, to lure you to their dealership, run your credit, get a couple of signatures and down-payment, and leave you with a done deal that you are not sure what it actually was. So my advice in general for all is that don't get soft, don't give up, a good deal is a good deal for both parties, if it is not a good deal based on your research, don't give in, keep looking. I eventually (after 6 days) found Toyota branch in Campbell River on the listings. They are all super nice people. I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole (she picked me up at the airport and drove me to their branch. We talked almost 15 minutes on the way and she showed me the fair that goes around in island on our way and told me about a young man who raised money by surfing every day January), Karen (she has quite a number of responsibilities, in one sentence she is there to make sure you are happy. She helped me with coffee and tea as soon as I arrived, assisted me with the test drive, showed me all of the features of the vehicle, ...., and even installed the plate on the car for me! Oh, also she helped me with pairing my cellphone as well), Kim (I did not ask about her title but I assume she is the manager since she oversaw the whole process. She is amazing, kind, and 100% transparent. A true professional. She took care of financial side of the deal overall from calculating the costs and setting up the monthly payment all the way through removing the lien which she promised to be done next business day and she did live up to her promise, so there is trust if you are looking for), and also I talked with Erik ( yes, Erik, not Eric, and believe me he is as unique as his name is. I am sure it has happened to you when you talk to someone and you realize this person is great to work with. Erik is that type of person. He is one of the sales representatives here and I have to say he was very different from most of the reps I talked with, and I talked with at least 15 reps, so I think my test sample is quite reliable). To sum it all, buying a car should be hassle free and memorable, not a harsh experience. My experience with this team is 110% positive and this is not because of the gift they gave me on top of the deal. It is because they actually care and spend time for you :-) I enjoyed my trip. I was astounded by the top-notch customer service, and I recommend this team to work with. Thank you everyone, I appreciate your help. I hope (and I am sure) your business grows even more. P.S. I will be copying this review on Yelp as well since I think I wrote every nice thing possible :-D

shizar zarbafian

6 months ago

My wife and I spotted a terrific car on this dealership’s website. I called and spoke with Jerry Johnson. I’m so happy we were able to work with Jerry as he went far beyond any expectations we would have. He was able to get us a better price on the car, he made us a video since we live on the mainland, he helped arrange everything to have our car ready, including personally driving the car to the mainland for us! Finally, he helped resolve one issue after the fact by helping arrange the follow up service at our local dealership. Jerry has been the best sales person I have ever dealt with and made the whole experience great.

C Allan

8 months ago

I've just experienced the most comprehensive. ..thorough...and enjoyable business transaction in my adult life ....and that is significant. .as I'm 62. Laura and Jim are an incredible business team. As well...I feel in the many hours I spent being "That Guy" with more than the traditional inquiries ..we found a wonderful common ground of similar interests that have quite possibly sparked a new friendship. Oh..right ...back to the point. There isn't a more friendly dealership. none. .anywhere. From their receptionist through parts and service. ..the financial office. .and of course ... the sales team. I highly recommend offering up your time to visit these folks and request that Laura walk you through the usually scary process of car buying. Every concern or question was answered or handled expediently...and with true caring. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Cheers to all...and many thanks to Laura and Jim for my fantastic Rav4! The only issue with this review site is that you can't rate to 10 my humble opinion. Bruce Wilde.

Bruce Wilde

10 months ago

When you want a Toyota you already know what you want you just have to decide who to buy it from.... I would buy another truck from Laura without hesitation. The dealership was transparent throughout the entire sale and Laura really went above and beyond. I'm from South Island and we spent time on the phone and via text so I could learn everything I needed to know. Kim secured me the financing I needed IN BUDGET the whole time. The used truck was immaculate when I came to pick it up. The truck I bought was originally purchased and then traded back in to Campbell River Toyota. I imagine when I go to get something new (to me) again - I'll do the same.

Daniel McDonald

10 months ago

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