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Toyota Dash Camera

Why a Genuine Toyota Dash Camera?

There are a myriad of dash cameras currently available in the vehicle accessory market. Amazon corners the market on cost effective options, but is cost always the best decision factor? Below we break down why we think Toyota's camera is the best, most comprehensive solution. Get your personalized quote today!

Recording modes include:

Infinite Loop

Once the vehicle ignition is turned on, the dash camera starts recording. The infinite loop records continuously in 1080P on a SD card. Video and Audio (if mic is active) will record as you drive and will overwrite the oldest recoded files.

Incident Recording

As you drive, the camera will record automatically 12 seconds before and 8 seconds after an abnormal shock. No driver input required.

Parking Surveillance

If an abnormal shock is sensed while the vehicle is parked, the camera will record up to 60 seconds following the impact. No driver input required.

Audio switch

Audio recording may be switched on/off using a external tactile switch.

Interesting Event Recording

Capture the interesting aspects of life. Tap the "Action" button on the body of the camera, and it will preserve 12 seconds before and 8 seconds after your selection. These will be saved as a separate file on the SD card for replay.

Adventure Mode

This "Road Trip" mode is great to allow the drive to capture lengthly sections of a journey. A perfect companion to those beautiful summer drives.

*Rear Camera option sold separately.

Dash Camera Companion Mobile Application

Toyota has developed a companion app for both IOS and Android, so the driver may connect to Toyota's Dash Camera via wifi. This connection allows you playback any of the above recording modes or update certain dash camera settings.

Companion mobile application available. IOS & Android

Dash Camera Companion Computer Application

Once the driver removes the onboard SD card, he/she may download all content to their home PC or MAC. Download, review, download and share as the user sees fit.

Picture of Dash Camera Mac application

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