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Finance Department

Meet our Finance Team:

Jessica Kroon - Lease Renewal & Finance Manager

Automotive Financing in Campbell River

Financing and Leasing

For professional and money-saving Automotive financing in Campbell River and on Vancouver Island, count on the certified experts in car credit, financing and leasing on the Island!

Campbell River Toyota provides professional and personalized car credit and 2nd chance credit services in Campbell River, British Columbia, that are tailored to your specific situation and needs. We can guarantee easy and quick approval for regular and alternative credit, in fact we are one of the prime resources for sub-prime loans on Vancouver Island.

  • We are experts in getting you the best interest rates!
  • Specialists in second chance credit
  • Self-employed? Bad credit? No credit? No problem!
  • Lease transfer services
  • Quick and easy approval process
  • Personalized approach

Our access to Toyota financing as well as our network of lending partners ensures we get you the most competitive rate for a car loan in Campbell River or all of British Columbia – we deal with all the major banks and auto lenders, we can give you lower rates than the bank!

Fill out our convenient and secure online credit application form, and let our credit specialists take care of the rest. All you need to worry about is choosing your next new Toyota or used truck or car from our inventory!

You can learn more about our leasing and financing, second chance credit and sub-prime lending services by visiting us at our dealership, or by contacting us online or by phone at 1 (250) 287-9527.


Benefits of Financing:

  • You own your vehicle
  • No kilometer restrictions
  • More in control

Benefits of Leasing:

  • Lower monthly payments
  • No resale hassle
  • Trade more often, driving more car

There are a number of things to consider in the decision to lease or finance a vehicle. A Toyota lease gives you a number of advantages, including lower monthly payments compared to the cost of financing a vehicle. But financing gives you the benefits of eventually owning the vehicle for yourself! What exactly are the differences between financing vs. leasing?


Advantages of Leasing

  • A lease will generally give you lower monthly payments and fewer up-front costs than financing the same model would; even low-percent financing may have higher payments than with a comparable lease
  • You can upgrade to the newest model every few years, often without having bigger payments
  • When you lease a vehicle, you typically pay less tax on a lease, as you only pay tax on the monthly payment, as opposed to the full purchase price of a vehicle


A number of options are available at the end of the lease:

  • You can return your vehicle
  • You can lease another vehicle
  • You can finance or buy your vehicle

If you choose to purchase your vehicle at lease-end, there are a number of financing options offered here at Campbell River Toyota.


Advantages of Financing

  • When you finance a vehicle, you have the freedom of driving unlimited kilometres, and the ability to equip it with your desired aftermarket accessories
  • You get vehicle equity
  • There are no penalties for excess wear and tear
  • Financing has a lower carrying cost than leasing, as with a lease you are not repaying the entire value of the vehicle