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Dealership hours of operation
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Dealership hours of operation
Mon - Sat 8:00am - 5:00pm
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Vehicle Protection

Campbell River Toyota - Vehicle Protection Offerings

NanoCeramic Paint Protection:

Engineered by Diamond Kote, NanoCeramic is a clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating, that chemically bonds to your vehicle’s surface. Once cured, it has a 9H hardness, forming an exceptionally strong, durable glass shield resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis, UV rays, corrosion and harsh weather conditions.

 Interior Protection:

We help keep your vehicle looking new by applying products directly to the vehicle's interior surfaces. Spills, splatters and everyday mishaps can be more easily removed before they become permanent stains. Our advanced penetrating conditioners will also maintain your leather and vinyl. So every time you step into your vehicle, it’ll be like the first time.

Rust & Corrosion Protection:

Corrosion Protection Unit (CPU).  The new Diamond Kote Corrosion Protection Unit is a revolutionary wireless automotive corrosion protection device that uses the vehicle’s electronic diagnostic system to protect your investment.  The CPU detects and protects all weak spots on every metal component of a vehicle’s metal body – outside and in – so nothing gets missed.  Everything is monitored, so everything stays protected.

Vehicle Armour:

Imagine never having to worry about dents, cosmetic wheel damage, rips or burns on or in your vehicle, and key fob replacement again. With Vehicle Armour, you never will. You’ll enjoy years of protection against damages that aren’t covered by your insurance company, keeping your car looking as good as new for longer.