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Comfort+ Toyota Heating Accessories

For the Canadian Winter

Introducing Comfort+ Accessories, a cutting-edge heating system designed to keep you cozy during winter and beyond.

Toyota engineers developed COMFORT+ Accessories with one goal in mind: to make winter driving more comfortable and your journeys smoother. It's like a heating ecosystem for today's Canadian driver, compatible with both regular gas-powered and hybrid vehicles.

So, what does it offer? The system comprises three key components:

Comfort+ Block Heater

The first component in the Comfort+ line up of heating accessories, the Block Heater, warms up your engine and motor oil by plugging your vehicle into a power source before you start it. This not only reduces friction and improves engine lubrication but also eliminates that harsh start-up noise often heard in freezing temperatures. A smoother start means less wear and tear on your vehicle and reduced fuel consumption.

 Cabin Warmer

Next up is the Cabin Warmer, a compact interior heater that targets window ice and fog while preheating your vehicle's interior to a comfortable temperature before you hit the road. Installed inside the cabin, this innovative tech adjusts its energy output as the car warms up, saving electricity. It tackles ice and snow buildup on your windows without burning fuel, ensuring clear visibility from the get-go.

Comfort+ toyota-heating-accessories

Battery Trickle Charger

Lastly, the on-board Trickle Charger maintains optimal charge levels and extends the life of modern 12V vehicle batteries. Equipped with a temperature sensor and built-in logic, it adjusts automatically to cold conditions, ensuring your battery remains healthy even when your vehicle is parked outside. Simply plug in the home power cable, and your battery will be charged to perfection.

Comfort+ App

Using the Toyota app, the driver may optimize the cabin temperature. It ensures the vehicle is warm only when it matters; saving energy while improving cabin comfort during winter driving. The app works with your vehicle's Bluetooth controller to allow the driver to easily program 'pickup' times to insure your vehicle is pre-heated to your preferred temperature. The Comfort+ app also provides insight on outdoor temps, charging status, voltage and power supply status; a deep dive on you vehicle's battery health.

Find out if Comfort+ is compatible with your Toyota.