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Winter tire swap - It's That time of year!

Winter tire swap - It's That time of year!

Winter driving: October 1 - April 30

The cool temperatures and wet weather bring frost and the potential of snow. Don't get caught unprepared, upgrade your winter driving experience with a set of Snowies from Campbell River Toyota.  Our parts and service department offer a huge selection of winter tire and wheel packages available to suit almost any vehicle; better yet, many of them are in-stock! Oh yeah, did I mention we match competitor tire prices? We do!


Why do I need winter tires? My car/SUV/truck has M+S tires already; I'm legal.

Thats true, many new vehicles are sold with M+S tires. While these tires are legal for use in BC during the months of October to April, they lack the traction which winter tires provide.

What about all-weather tires?

Great point! All-weather tires are a great alternative to pure winter tires. They offer a more "all-around" composition, and make driving winter conditions more safe than an all-season tire option. However, due to this softer compound tire, they tend to wear faster than an all-season tire; so expect to replace them at shorter intervals.

I live on Vancouver Island, it hardly snows here. Do I really need dedicated snow tires?

At temps of less than 7 degree C, the rubber on all-season tires harden, and provide vastly less traction. This is where winter tires shine! A winter wheel and tire combination dedicated to winter driving, is the safest, most confidence inspiring way to drive the winter season. This method also improves tire longevity and protects your factory Toyota wheels from pitting due to salt, and winter road grime. Don't have space to store an additional set of wheels and tires? We can help! We offer year round tire storage for only $40/season.

Click the image below and build your perfect winter driving setup.

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