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Unleashing Performance: The Legacy and Future of Toyota Racing Development (TRD)

Unleashing Performance: The Legacy and Future of Toyota Racing Development (TRD)

The Power Behind Toyota Racing Development

What is Toyota TRD?

When it comes to high-performance engineering and a rich racing legacy, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) stands out as a beacon of excellence. TRD is Toyota's in-house racing specialty division, responsible for developing race-bred parts and accessories that elevate the performance and aesthetics of Toyota vehicles. With a history steeped in motorsports, TRD's innovations ensure that Toyota remains a formidable player on and off the track.

The Genesis of Toyota Racing Development

The story of TRD begins in the 1960s when Toyota's motorsports division was known as the Toyota Sports Corner (TOSCO). Pioneering projects like the Toyota 7, the first turbo race car, and the victorious Corolla 1600, which clinched the World Rally Championship, laid the foundation for TRD. In 1979, Toyota consolidated its efforts to enhance its global racing image and develop performance accessories, leading to the birth of TRD.

Celebrating 45 Years of TRD Excellence

Over the past four decades, TRD has built an impressive legacy. Icons like Ivan "Ironman" Stewart dominated off-road racing in the '80s and '90s, showcasing TRD's prowess. By 1997, the TRD Off-Road package for the Tacoma had redefined off-road capabilities for truck enthusiasts. TRD continued to shine in NASCAR, with notable victories in the Camping World Truck Series and the historic endurance win by the Supra HV-R hybrid at the Tokachi 24 hours in the 2010s. Today, TRD remains synonymous with high performance and innovation.

Toyota Racing Development Models & Packages

TRD’s extensive lineup offers something for everyone, from rugged trucks to sporty sedans. Here's a closer look at some of the standout models:

Toyota Tacoma TRD

Built for North America's toughest terrains, the Tacoma TRD series is available in various trims like TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, and the hybrid TRD Pro. These trucks are designed to conquer any challenge with ease, boasting features like 326 net combined horsepower and 465 lb.-ft. of torque in the hybrid version.Two Toyota trucks driving on a dusty terrain under a dramatic, cloudy sky. The image features a white 2024 Tacoma Hybrid TRD Pro with a black roof, alongside a vintage Toyota race truck, showcasing the brand's off-road capability and racing heritage.

Toyota Tundra TRD

The Tundra, with its i-FORCE MAX hybrid powertrain, offers TRD Pro Double Cab and TRD Pro CrewMax packages. These trucks are equipped with 18” forged-aluminum black alloy wheels, TRD sport-tuned shocks, and sway bars, making them the epitome of style and performance.

Tundra Crewmax HybridMax in Terra.

Toyota 4Runner TRD

Perfect for adventurous spirits, the 4Runner TRD series includes the TRD Pro, TRD Sport, and TRD Off-Road Premium. Its i-FORCE MAX 2.4L turbocharged hybrid powertrain ensures impressive power and torque, ready to tackle Canada’s most challenging landscapes.

Two Toyota 4Runner SUVs parked in a rugged, mountainous area. The vehicles, showcasing the 2025 Trailhunter and TRD Pro models, are poised for off-road adventures amidst lush greenery and rocky terrain under a cloudy sky.

Toyota Sequoia TRD

The Sequoia’s TRD Pro and TRD Off-Road packages blend luxury with capability. With features like TRD-tuned FOX internal bypass shocks and a ‘TOYOTA’ grille with an LED light bar, the Sequoia is built for family adventures off the beaten path.Sequoia TRD Pro in white, descending down a gravel road with rugged mountains and a blue sky in the background.


Toyota Camry TRD

The Camry XSE TRD package transforms this sedan into a performance powerhouse. It features 19” matte black alloy wheels, a performance suspension, TRD cat-back dual exhaust, and a TRD body kit, merging sporty aesthetics with remarkable performance.

I have heard enough, take my money!

Toyota Racing Development Parts & Accessories

Elevate your Toyota with TRD's high-performance parts and accessories. From sleek body kits to turbo-boosters, these race-bred components are rigorously tested and seamlessly integrated to enhance your vehicle’s performance and style.

The Legacy Continues

As TRD celebrates over 45 years of innovation and racing success, the division shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you're a dedicated off-roader, a racing enthusiast, or simply seeking the best performance from your vehicle, TRD offers a rich heritage and a promising future filled with exciting possibilities. Join the TRD community and experience the thrill of Toyota’s cutting-edge engineering.


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