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Toyota Heating Accessories - Take your comfort to the next level!

Toyota Heating Accessories - Take your comfort to the next level!

The Complete Suite of Toyota Heating Accessories!

Comfort+ is the complete solution of Toyota Heating Accessories. Comfort + pairs together winter driving necessities such as a Cabin Heater, Engine Heater (Block Heater), Battery Trickle Charger, and a programmable Bluetooth Controller. It is the perfect solution to driving the great white north.

Cabin Heater

The PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic element helps warm up the cabin of your Toyota which melts pesky frost, ice and snow during those cold winter months. The ceramic element is both extremely safe and efficient. When combined with the Comfort+ suite of heating accessories and the Toyota App, your can customize the vehicle temperature, during the times of day it matters most.


Block Heater

Ensures your Toyota is easy-to-start, consumes less fuel and improves engine longevity. When paired with Toyota's Comfort+ system, it provides power for both the Cabin Heater and Battery Trickle Charger.

Battery Trickle Charger

Designed to optimize the charge of modern vehicle batteries, while extending their life and insuring easy starts every time. The trickle charger uses a temperature sensor and digital logic which maintains optimal temperature parameters during those cold winter days.

Programmable Bluetooth Controller

Adds the programmable element to this complete heating solution. Using the Toyota app, the driver may optimize the cabin temperature. It ensures the vehicle is warm only when it matters; saving energy while improving cabin comfort during winter driving.

Find out if Comfort+ is compatible with your Toyota. 


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