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Getting it right - Select the best tires!

Getting it right - Select the best tires!

Tires - Why selecting the right one is so important!

So you are considering a tire upgrade, or replacement. Maybe your are looking for a set of winter tires. Either way, it is important to select the best tire for your driving needs. Do you have a 4x4 and love long trips on the back roads? There is a tire for that! Do you have an AWD SUV which takes the kids to school and makes countless tips up the ski hill? There is a tire for that! Do you have a sports sedan that eats up road trip highway miles? You know what comes next... (Yep, there is a tire for that!) With so many vastly different road & weather conditions, it can be difficult to select the best tire for what you need. Is there every anything more difficult than too many choices??? (hmm... Winter tires, all-weather, all-season what do I choose? )

Join Erik for a deep dive into what sets each tire apart. Let's select the best tires for your needs! *Disclaimer: while there are many tire manufacturers, with many different varieties of tires, in this post we will focus on the most popular seasonal tires (ie. All-season vs All-Weather etc)

Getting it right - Select the best tires. A Tire selection resource

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The All-Season Tire

This tire is a great all-around option and provides the best value in terms of ride comfort and longevity. It comes standard on many new vehicles from factory. It is recommended for three season usage, when use on Vancouver Island; This tire performs great during spring, summer and autumn but you will require a winter tire to make your vehicle safe and compliant for winter driving.

All Season Performance Tires

These tires are build for high performance vehicles who's driver still wants an all-around tire, but are looking for improved grip and handling in warm, dry conditions. They are approved for three season driving only, as their compound and tread are more purpose built for summer conditions. They prioritize grip and steering feel over comfort and longevity.

The All-Weather Tire

An all weather tire offers superior performance to an all season, however, these tires are generally more noisy. They tend to offer lower grip in warm weather and wear quicker. They really are an all-around tire, but no all weather tire will be the best at any one season. The major benefit to all weather tires are:

  1. You can run the tire all year round, and therefor you save on purchasing 2 sets of tires (one winter set, and one all-season set)
  2. No need for tire storage at home or storage fees if a business looks after this.
  3. No need to allocate time to have tires switched over at seasonally busy times.

All-Terrain Tires

This tire type is ideal for drivers of light SUVs and light trucks who's owners want improved traction off road while keeping on-road confidence. They offer great year round traction with aggressive tread to allow for grip in mud or on rough gravel roads. They offer an aggressive, re-enforced sidewall which often make these tires less comfortable, nosier, and quicker wearing. Some manufacturers offer All-Terrain Tires with the 3 peak/snowflake logo, which makes them winter driving compliant in BC.

Winter Tires

Purpose built for the harsh winter conditions drivers experience in British Columbia, winter tires offer the best control & grip in cold conditions where snow and ice are most common. They trade some of their handling in wet and dry conditions to deliver superior winter grip. Due to the soft, flexible tire compound they work really well in temperatures < 5 degrees Celsius, however, in dry warm conditions these tires wear quickly and offer less road control.

Still need help deciding which is best for you? Check out the following resources:

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Winter tire rules in effect on B.C. highways starting Oct. 1


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