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Air Conditioning Refresher Service

Air Conditioning Refresher Service - Why do I need one?

That is a great question! The truth is, a clean air conditioning system operates more effectively. It provides cooler, fresher and more comfortable air than a system which is dirty. During daily life, dust, pollen, and other debris can build up in in your A/C system; from time to time the system should be refreshed. The best time to complete an A/C refresher service is when you replace your cabin air filter.

Is an A/C Refresher Service the same as an A/C Recharge Service?

No. An Air Conditioning Service is a more comprehensive service. During a A/C Service one of our highly trained Toyota Technicians will complete a full diagnosis of your vehicle's A/C system. If the system test fall below Toyota's acceptable results, the technician will determine the culprit and advise on what requires attention.

Toyota's Air Conditioning Refresh, on the other hand, is is to extend the life of your A/C system through preventative care. A technicians, flushes the internals of your vehicle's A/C evaporator with a specially formulated cleaning solution. After the evaporator is clean, Conditionaire is added to bring that new vehicle freshness back.

Replacing your cabin air filter, in conjunction with an air conditioning refresher service insures your vehicle's HVAC system removes the maximum amount of dust, pollen, pet dander etc. Your service advisor will have the details on what is involved and associated pricing for your Toyota.  Breath fresh this summer!